Low Power Systems #1: Where are we at?

A huge number of devices will be connected with each other in the upcoming IoT era. These devices may have different structures and functions, but one thing is in common, power is needed for these devices to connect to the Internet so that they can be monitored and controlled remotely.

While the edge devices are becoming cheaper, the cost of replacing the devices or the batteries on all these devices scattered around the globe is expensive. This calls for a smart solution to extend the lifetime of the devices with less battery charges and there are two directions in solving this problem:

  1. Technologies related to cutting down power consumptions: LPWAN, low power electronics and low power design.
  2. Technologies related to extending power sources: battery technologies, power harvesting and technologies using sustainable energy sources.

These technologies will bring us more convenience and capability: what are the current developments and future potential of low power systems?


At THINGS we have taken on the task to rapidly get individuals on top of hot and talked about technologies that we believe matter. Our Get On Top Of-event series aims to give you a rapid understanding of what the technology actually is, what it can be used for and how to get going. On stage, you will find people who are knowledgeable, have actual experience and also understand that you don't inspire people with a sales pitch. 

We are calling entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises, developers, students, academia, government and anybody else who are interested and want to get on top of things that matter. We offer 100 free seats at a first come, first served basis. 

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Viktor Börjesson
CEO & Co-founder, ReVibe Energy AB

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Göran Appelquist
CTO at Crosser Technologies

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Emma Woxlin
Co-founder Epishine

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Håkan Ohlgren
CTO/Chief Architect at Wireless System Integration AB

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Prajeet Patel
Head Of Business Development at Qoitech

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17.30 Doors open
18.15 Introduction
An overview of Low Power Systems
Panel discussion
21.00 Doors close

This event is free of charge and first come first serve. 

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